Wool Awareness In The Classroom

Primary Resource

Wool in School brings you this Wool Awareness In The Classroom resource.

for Early Years Aistear and Primary school children including Junior cycle level linking in with a number of the seven areas of the primary curriculum.

  1. The Fabric and Fibre Strand of the Arts Education.
  2. Social, Environment and Scientific Education.

a) History - Life, society, work and culture in the past.

b)Geography -Natural environments

-Environment awareness and care

Also supporting the Education for Sustainability Development Strategy 2021-2030

On the Junior Cycle level it supports the Visual Arts curriculum

SOL8 - The student values local and national and international heritage understands the importance of the relationship between past and current events and the forces that drive change.

This teaching resource offers an understanding of wool, Irish Heritage which has moulded the uses of wool today in Ireland.

Children reflect on the past, review how wool is used in the present.

How it can be used to the benefit of our future with the use of

technology and knowledge of suitability, supporting a more Circular Economy.

Now is the time to show children the exciting uses of wool.

Wool is Cool!


Why online?

Wool in school has been set up since September 2019 and during that time we have

offered our workshop to over 600 children.

We felt it would be more accessible for schools, teachers and parents to provide this very unique programme to you and show children the benefits and characteristics of wool , its heritage in Ireland and its amazing uses from fiber to fabric around the world

We also have our online Directory where you can learn more about other business and farms focusing on different uses of wool.

check out www.woolinschool.com

Textile box
Fabric and fibre

As part of this resource you will also receive a free Textile Box full of goodies to explore with your students.

Galway sheep
Galway sheep

Galway sheep are an indigenous sheep of Ireland coming form the West of Ireland.

Their fleece is used by Cushendale Woollen Mills who create beautiful Textiles.

Core wool
Core wool

Core wool is from sheep. The sheep is sheared and the wool is then processed. Core wool is used in many crafts and especially used in needle felting and for stuffing soft toys.

what do you get?

  • 1 Year licence to Access our 20 hour resource to be completed at your class pace.
  • Introduction booklet (online)
  • teach children about benefits and properties of wool.
  • Printable material
  • Craft Ideas
  • Blog
  • Insight into woollen mills in Ireland
  • Certificate for children
  • Textile Box


Wool Awareness In The classroom

Wool a fibre of the future

Wool in School is a unique education programme for schools inspiring children about the uses of natural and locally produced wool an alpaca fibre

the programme supports the Fabric and fibre Strand of the Art curriculum as well as many aspects of SESE

don't worry - we got you

Each section can be done at your own pace in your school or home.

If you have any questions we are here to help.