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Knit-Stitch Project

The knit- Stitch Intergenerational Project includes two sets of wool, needles andtwo books containing a beautiful pattern designed by Woolin School symbolising re -connection as part of an equal partnership in this ground breaking initiative. Kilbrew Nursing home and St Andrews National...


knit like a viking

Knit Like a Viking, Guest Blog by Caz Riddick of Boann Wool Craft. An Introduction to Nalbinding.Knit Like a VikingNaalbinding is a textile technique where the material is produced in a darning technique, with a coarse needle and length of plied yarn. Nalbinding (also spelled...


Simply felt Ireland

I'm Lorna. I am the person and Artist behind Wool in School which came from the love of all things wool and its benefits. My background is Social Care and I worked for many years with Deaf Children. During those years I self-published many books and resources for parents with deaf children and...